Travelling University

Travelling University is a study course at Environmental Campus Birkenfeld. This seminar is organized in a form of a project that is seen as a contribution to the efforts connected with aspiration for a sustainable campus. It was possible to put this kind of a study course into practice for the first time in 1999, and since than this seminar has become a regular part of an interdisciplinary curriculum at ECB. Owing to its reference and cross-linking to other projects held at ECB, that have similar sustainable aims, TU project was among others a part of the University of Applied Sciences’ contribution to EXPO-2000. Moreover this programme was integrated in the IfaS activities in Sweden, China, Poland, Turkey, Brazil and Serbia. The Travelling University 2007 deals with regional material flow management in Canada.

The project pursues not only testing of innovative in this combination study elements, but also a target taking up proven approaches of an environmental education at ECB according to the motto “Higher education for a sustainable development” to improve them further and try them in a study daily routine.

The interdisciplinary study course Travelling University as an integrated part of a study curriculum still cannot realize all mentioned elements of a sustainability paradigm to the same extent. The project contains a suggestion catalogue and tries out different solutions. Withal the particular emphasis is given to the problems and challenges that the learners and teachers are trying to cope with under the conditions of both locational contents: Environmental Campus Birkenfeld and ecological environment of a project site.

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