Study and Qualification

The globally unique IMAT Master Program was founded in 2004 based on numerous national and international material flow management projects and on the practical experience IfaS has developed as a result. The course is conducted entirely in English and aims for a goal of educating future leaders from all over the world in the field of international material flow management. IMAT is characterized by its innovative and interdisciplinary curriculum as well as its strong practical orientation.

Throughout the two-year IMAT study course, young leaders have the opportunity to get in touch with potential employers and to get a head start on setting the course of their careers. With study courses in Germany, Turkey and the only German study course offered in Japan, IMAT looks back on a 7-year track record. For the future of IMAT, two more dual degree programs in Brazil and Morocco are being developed.


Colcuc-Deriu, Stefania
Studium und Weiterbildung
Knaus, Michael Dr.
Internationales Projektmanagement, Studium und Weiterbildung
Köhler, Tim
Studium und Weiterbildung