• Partners: GVA Tulln (A), Agricultural school of  Tulln (A), Community Weilerbach (D), Development agency of Trebon (CZ), City of Gödöllö (HU), Regional sekretariat ofAttika (GR)
  • Funding:European Comission (INTERREG IIIc)
  • Duration: 02/2005 bis 12/2007

Project description

RECORA is an initiative of 7 partners from 5 countries supported by the EU programme Interreg IIIC.

RECORA aims at intensifying cooperations between regional / local decision makers, farmers, entrepreneurs, investors and experts. At the same time the use of renewable energy sources both out of agriculture and of material flows out of waste management shall be enhanced. Thereby the energy supply shall be created in such a way that the added value in the regions is boosted.

Main focus lies on the economic utilisation of alternative energy resources and on the preparation of the implementation of projects. The newest ecological findings and all necessary standards play an important role as well as taking account of the most important issues in regional development policies of rural areas in objective 1 regions.


  • Information exchange concerning state-of-the-art technologies, legal Elaboration of common standards and implementation strategies in transnational expert work groups
  • Bringing together policy makers and opinion leaders in renewable energy projects on local level.
  • Dissemination of results in conferences, workshops and via website; exchange of experience with other projects


Contact IfaS:
Iris Weinbub
Phone.: +49 67 82 / 17-2609
Mail.: i.weinbub(at)

Contact GVA Tulln (Lead-Partner) :
Sigfried Schönbauer
Phone.: +43 22 72 / 66 712-14
Mail: s.schoenbauer(at)

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