International projects

SUWAAR (Egypt)
In the city of Qena (Egypt) 45.000 m3 of waste water per day accrue, whereby a sustainable treatment and subsequent recovery is not met. Throughout the development of a Material Flow Management concept accruing effluent after an adequate conditioning shall be used to irrigate crops onto arid soils inside the desert.
The project aims at the introduction of a climate friendly and resource efficient waste management at the municipal federation Marga-Marga, Region Valparaíso, Chile. Beside the implementation of different technologies how to treat and to utilise municipal solid waste, the construction of an education and training centre is planned.
Recycling of Organic Residues in China
This project takes advantage of different interdisciplinary research groups and the involvement of German small and medium-sized enterprises to develop integrated strategies and solutions for the recycling of organic residues in China.
It aims at reducing pollution, abating greenhouse gas emissions, improving nutrient cycling, generating renewable energy and increasing regional added value in the Chinese countryside.
In the framework of the GTZ project „Promotion of renewable energies and energy efficiency for a sustainable development in Morocco“ (GTZ-PEREN) IfaS is currently developing a biomass-masterplan for the efficient and sustainable use of biomass and organic residues in the region of „Souss-Massa-Drâa“ in southern Morocco.
Masterplan Domaine Douiet
By order of the agricultural corporation Domaine de Douiet in Fes IfaS is at the moment developing a Material Flow Management Masterplan for the efficient revalorisation of agricultural residues. Moreover, the masterplan comprises the development of energy efficiency measures and proposals for the use of solar energy.
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