IMAT – Master in International Material Flow Management

The master´s degree programs in International Material Flow Management (IMAT) feature multidisciplinary study courses aiming at educating young professionals in green business opportunities through system efficiency strategies. The innovative IMAT programs facilitate holistic business and technology management strategies through a combination of engineering, economics and environmental sciences.

IMAT Students become young professionals who are knowledgeable in renewable energycircular economy, green growth and zero-emission systems as they study international best practices and case studies in various fields of Material Flow Management. The practical approach of the the study programs challenge the students with developing projects and eco-entrepreneurial business ideas and collect relevant, practical experience through close cooperation with small and medium sized enterprises.

Our IMAT graduates are endowed with:

  • Theory and practice of International Material Flow Management (MFM),
  • Better understanding of eco-system management and economic aspects of environmental protection,
  • Systemic understanding of various clean technologies and technology management,
  • Knowledge on intercultural communication, networking, project management, financing and fundraising,
  • Knowledge on business culture in Germany and the partner countries,
  • International case studies and practical project experience,
  • Graduation thesis about practical issues with professional guidance at international companies or research institutes.

The two-year program is fully offered in the English language and features 6 variations:

IMAT dual degree programs are supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in the program “German Studies Abroad”.

The diverse, international and highly-skilled network of IMAT Alumni act as Change Agents who know how to link economic development with environmental protection.

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