The Klimastiftung für Bürger ("Climate Foundation for citizens") of Sinsheim visits the IfaS

The Klimastiftung für Bürger (“Climate Foundation for citizens”) of Sinsheim visits the IfaS

Four employees of the Climate Foundation met with Prof. Heck and Michael Müller from the IfaS to exchange ideas and experiences in the field of climate protection.

The Climate Foundation aims to encourage citizens – especially children and young people – to become active in the field of nature and climate protection. The KLIMA ARENA experience and exhibition centre provides valuable information on climate, the environment, renewable energies and the protection of natural resources. In this way, the visitors are motivated to rethink their own consumption and encouraged to act more responsibly and sparingly in their everyday lives.

This is in line with the goals that Prof. Heck has also been pursuing with the IfaS for almost 20 years. Many of the climate protection projects initiated are aimed not only at changes to the periphery of companies, communities, neighbourhoods, landscapes, etc., but above all at changes to private buildings (boiler replacement, insulation, etc.). Furthermore, within the framework of various event formats, e.g. information evenings, workshops, conferences, children’s climate protection conferences, the participants are sensitised to resource-saving consumption and activated for sustainable action.

Prof. Heck presented the comprehensive range of services offered by the IfaS. The idea and the goals of material flow management became tangible for the visitors by means of concrete project examples, among other things from the main topics climate education, land use, e-mobility, solar plants and storage technology, up to development political tasks in Africa.

“We were able to take away many ideas and suggestions – e.g. for our next special exhibition – and look forward to a return visit from IfaS, during which concrete cooperation will also be discussed,” remarked Ms Adelheid Graiff, staff member of the Climate Foundation for Citizens, at the end of the visit.

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